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Convenient Foreign Currency Services for Berkshire Bank Customers

Planning a trip overseas? Stop by a Berkshire Bank branch to order foreign currency before you go.  Having local currency will enable you to pay for immediate expenses such as taxi fares, tips and meals.  Your foreign currency order can be delivered to your branch within 24 to 48 hours.  If you have excess currency when you return Berkshire Bank can buy it back.  We offer competitive rates and convenient service.

Sending money overseas? If you are making a purchase overseas, paying international tuition, or need to send funds to a bank outside the U.S., Berkshire Bank can help you quickly and conveniently send a foreign currency wire transfer from your account.

Receiving money from overseas by wire transfer or check? Berkshire Bank can assist you with the receipt of foreign currency payments from countries outside of the U.S. Berkshire Bank can also convert foreign denominated checks for deposit into your Berkshire Bank account.

Visit your Berkshire Bank branch for additional details regarding foreign currency denominated checks.

Click here to find your closest branch.

Click here to read the FAQ's.

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