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IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport
Free Dedicated Online Banking Security


Protect your identity and bank accounts against fraud and cybercriminals with Trusteer Rapport for free.

Trusteer Rapport adds an additional security layer to protect against financial malware when you log on to Berkshire Bank’s Personal & Small Business or Business Solutions online banking.

The software protects your online banking from fraudulent websites and malware by blocking any attempts to compromise your browser. It only takes a few minutes to install the software and there is no need to restart your computer.

What is Trusteer Rapport?
Trusteer Rapport works with your current anti-virus software and web browser to provide comprehensive protection for your online banking.

Anti-virus and firewalls can’t always detect the latest attacks, leaving you vulnerable. Trusteer Rapport is highly recommended by Berkshire Bank as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software you already use. It works by protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with Berkshire Bank's online banking.

  • Receive alerts about potentially illegitimate sites.
    Rapport lets you know if you may have landed on a fake website that gathers personal information like Social Security numbers, user names and passwords.
  • Block malware that attempts to steal sensitive information.
    Rapport alerts you if malicious software, or malware, attempts to intercept or steal your personal information.


Your Current Computer Security is Not Enough.
Malware and phishing allow cyber criminals to access your computer, account numbers, and personal information.

Financial malware is constantly evolving to continuously evade antivirus solutions. Antivirus software detects only about 25% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to people. Trusteer Rapport stops financial malware to protect you and your accounts from fraudulent activity.

Trusteer Rapport works alongside your current security software to provide comprehensive protection when you bank online.


Add an Extra Layer of Security at No Cost.
Download the free program in minutes, with no registration, restart or commitments. Future updates will be installed automatically at no charge.

Easy to Use. Wont’ Slow You Down.

Trusteer Rapport takes just minutes to download and install. It runs in the background so your computer tasks continue completely uninterrupted.

Once Rapport is installed, a small icon will appear next to your browser's address bar. It uses a color code to let you know if a site's protected.

 A green Rapport icon and equivalent text means a protected site:


A gray Rapport icon and equivalent text means an unprotected site:


Support When You Need It Most
Trusteer operates a 24 hour customer center to help with any questions or issues. Contact Trusteer Support.

Download Here:

 It's free and installation takes only a few minutes.


Note: By downloading and installing Trusteer Rapport security software you agree with all Trusteer terms and conditions. Berkshire Bank is not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the content or services associated with this product. All problems, questions or concerns regarding Trusteer Rapport security software should be directed to

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System Requirements
Rapport runs on PC and Mac platforms. Check Trusteer's system requirements

Got Questions?
Check out Trusteer's FAQs